Medic Care

We have the first aid kit always prepared in the office. We know that many things can happen to a child on the street and the resources to heal are limited. Therefore, we try to do our best with our knowledge of first aids.
We would love to have a nurse or a doctor every day or at least once a week, but at the moment we have a great nurse with a good heart who comes once a month to do cures and take care of bigger things that we can not deal with. .
There are always things that we can not control and taking children to the hospital becomes necessary. That's why we ask for help. We are trying to make a fund to have resources available when those cases come to us.
If you want to help us any contribution is more than welcome since we can not afford to reach everywhere and cases like malaria, typhoid and other tropical lethal diseases are common.

Raised: 30€     Goal: 350€

Street children need you

With so many difficulties these  kids stay alive
Could you help them to have the future any child deserves?


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