Free Clothing

Clothes get extremely destroyed in the street.
Kids wear the same clothes day and night for long time as they sleep and rest on the floor of the dusty and rainy Uganda.
Sometimes they are able to wash their clotheson the trenches or dirty water around but it does also mean they have to wait until they are dry cause usually they don't have a replacement.Also soap is not easy to find for them so it is asked for to the mamas around.
Dirty & destroyed clothes are so common between street kids and can make them so recognizable.That can be fatal for them as different people take them from the street for different reasons so far to be beneficial for them.We always ask them to keep as tidy and net it is possible to don't be noticed easily.
Shamesly they cannot afford buying clothes even the second hand market is huge here.That's what we ask for in that program,we need clothes and shoes (any kind) as nearly all of them walk barefoot and that produces them lots of wounds,infection and of course pain.
If you have clothes or shoes available they are always welcome ,just contact us!
Shamessly we cannot afford the shipping expenses from other countries and sometimes they are even more expensive that the money we would expend for those clothes in the second hand market in Kampala,anyway if you want to send them without any cost for us please do it.
If you want to help economically so we could have a constant fund to buy them clothes and have them in the office when they come around just click the buttom below.

Raised: 0€     Goal: 100€

Street children need you

With so many difficulties these  kids stay alive
Could you help them to have the future any child deserves?
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