Body Dressing

Personal hygiene is one of the causes of some diseases and allergies in street kids and also of future long term problems as loosing teeth,skin problems,digestive problems...
That's why right know that we have a office-classroom so close to kids we are starting this program so necessary for them.
As they are showing around we want to give them the opportunity to take a shower and clean their clothes as they eat something warm or drink a chai.
We want to give them proper advice of how they should clean themselves,their teeth,etcc as lots of them have never had a model to show them.
That will be a must to kids coming to class but we want to also keep the space open for other kids that cannot fit in the classes as our space is limited due to the cassroom's measure.
For this assignment we are in need of soap(body & clothes),toothbrushes,toothpaste,towels,basins,vaseline(to norture skin as it gets sooo dry with street's dust) and water (we don't have running water but it is not an impediment as we go to pick it up and make it run with our hands! but it has also a price per jerrycan and we do also need few more of them)

The other part of that program is offering the kids to come once a month to have a haircut.It could seem poshy but it is not as so many bugs and grubiness get stock in there and the humid and hot weather of Kampala doesn't help to much...
We are looking for a razor machine for it as it doesn't cut or damage  kids scalp 

As you see we need many things that maybe you could provide,if it is a yeah! just come around or give us a call.
If you want to help economically to make it possible,just press the button!

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Street children need you

With so many difficulties these  kids stay alive
Could you help them to have the future any child deserves?
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