Street Kids Party

Every last Sunday of the month we try to organize a party to bring together as much street kids we can.
It is so special  for all of us as they can come around and express themselves,who they are,how do they feel...We also empower them to go trough all the things they face on the street with lots of positivity and tricks to don't get in problems.
And....of course! we dance,sing,do acrobatics,and everything they feel like to share with the others.
Food is always available in the party and we also try to bring clean clothes if somebody has given away or founds have been enough for buying them in the second hand market.
Nowadays we have move closer to them to save in transport so we can welcome them on the same Kisenye also so close to the office.Unfortunately founds are not always available to make it possible every month as there are other programs running.
Would you like to collaborate in any way??
We are in need of clothes,food and volunteers for that program.
Would you like to help with money to make it possible??Always welcome,make sure we'll make a good use of it.

Raised: €     Goal: 200€

Street children need you

With so many difficulties these  kids stay alive
Could you help them to have the future any child deserves?
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