Street Kids Party

Every last Sunday of the month we try to organize a party to bring together as much street kids we can.
It is so special  for all of us as they can come around and express themselves,who they are,how do they feel...

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Medic Care

We have the first aid kit always prepare in the office.we are aware that so many things can happen to a street kids and resources to get healed are limited.So we try to do our best with our first aids knowledges.

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Personal hygiene is one of the causes of some diseases and allergies in street kids and also of future long term problems as loosing teeth,skin problems,digestive problems...

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Free Clothing

Clothes get extremely destroyed in the street.
Kids wear the same clothes day and night for long time as they sleep and rest on the floor of the dusty and rainy Uganda.

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Home School

We moved to the Home-School last July....

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Street children need you

With so many difficulties these  kids stay alive
Could you help them to have the future any child deserves?

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