We are aware that Street life means a daily struggle for survival. Children experience assault, drug abuse, diseases, hunger, explotation through child labour, physical and emotional abuse.

There are many street children of great talents which we try to develop.

Findings reflect that children in abject problems can be recognized by rather elementary (as opposed to sophisticated) criteria. Top on the list is absence of basic necessities such as shelter, food, clothing and water. Equally important is the ‘human condition’ in terms of physical health and parental care and protection. Schooling is high on the list as a critical criterion in determining who is extremely or modestly a vulnerable and disadvantaged child.

Our aim at solving the problems hidden by the fact that orphans and vulnerable children are invisible; yet by the very nature of their situation, they are included among those that are classified as disadvantaged and poor in Uganda. Children are subsumed within the poverty categories most often referred to such as households, communities, people – which means that there is a high tendency to focus on adult-related poverty while child problems are ignored, partly because children have little power and influence within a group that contains adults.

Uganda currently has over 2 million orphaned children, the majority of whom were orphaned by HIV/AIDS (Uganda Poverty Status Report, 2003)

The 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child defines the rights of human identity, as well as the basic needs for physical protection, food, universal state paid education, health care, protection of the civil rights and freedom from discrimination.Being physically, mentally and emotionally free from abuse.

So for it we work

Street children need you

With so many difficulties these  kids stay alive
Could you help them to have the future any child deserves?

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