LIFE MU GHETTO has a very strong goal of improving the quality of life of the vulnerable Street children and orphans through providing education, giving care, love and support. Additionally, it promotes empowerment of rural Community people in various areas affecting humanity.

Our purpose is to reduce the suffering of the street kids/ orphans and vulnerable children, build their capacity through giving them love, care, education and activities to do.So they'll be able to construct a future for themselves.

To improve the quality of life of the orphans and vulnerable children by establishing a permanent home, school and health care centre for them.

To train care givers in care giving skills to enable these children get adequate care, love and support

To provide adequate education to these children to make them good citizens and have a better future through good education right from a tender age

To create awareness to the community and the outside world the need to protect and support the vulnerable children and the orphans as well as protecting their rights.

1. To remove street children from the streets.

2. To mitigate the economic effects of street children, other Orphans and under privileged groups.

3. To reduce the prevalence rate of street children.

4. Provision of education and counseling services.

5. To build village homes for the orphaned street children, other Orphans and under privileged children.

6. Resettling ex-street children back to their vulnerable homes after rehabilitation. Establish contact with their families

7. To establish learning institutions for the vulnerable street children.

8. To advocate for human rights and other remedies with specific references.

9. To develop the young talented street children, other Orphans and under privileged groups.

10. To build youth resource centers for the Orphans and under privileged youth in Uganda communities.

Street children need you

With so many difficulties these  kids stay alive
Could you help them to have the future any child deserves?

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